Visiting The Chiropractor While Pregnant

Pregnant-Women-ChiropracticPregnancy wellness is the key to a health baby and mother. Often it is considered unrealistic to visit the Chiropractor while Pregnant. How are they going to work around my baby bump? Are they hurting my baby? These are all very good questions, and they are valid. Through-out all of Chiropractic history, there has never been a correlation between Chiropractic care, and issues with pregnancy. Actually, it’s the other way around. Chiropractic care is typically very beneficial to the mother and the baby.

Chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant woman and their bodies. There are specific tables that they use, as well ,as specific techniques to help avoid an unnecessary pressure on the stomach or abdominal area. When searching for a Chiropractor, look for these certifications…DACCP, CACCP, or Members of ICPA, if you can find one, find a Webster Certified Chiropractor, they are trained with the specific interest in working with pregnant woman and achieving pelvic balance during their pregnancy.

Many woman ask, “What are some of the benefits to visiting the Chiro?”

  • Relieving Neck, Back, Pelvic and Joint Pain
  • Pelvic Alignment (Helping Prevent Breeched Delivery)
  • Reduces Nervous System Responses (Nausea, Dizziness, Cramps)
  • Overall Better Health of Mother and Baby
  • Reduction of Labor Difficulties

Over the last two decades quite a bit of research has taken place in this field and this topic. Particularly, the most advanced and credited information is from the late great Larry Webster, Larry developed an entire Association and Procedure to chiropractic adjustments and techniques that had never been put together in the past. He founded the ICPA with the intent that establishing a proper alignment and balance in a pregnant mother reduces stress and muscle groups associated with birth.

There is plenty of results of Chiropractic care, in the Third trimester of the Pregnancy. This is typically once the mother has shown signs of a possible Breech delivery. By using Dr. Websters techniques, there is an 82% of correcting the breech position prior to delivery. This type of effective approach shows that the proper alignment of the Pelvis and the Uterus are key to allowing the newborn to achieve proper position within the uterus. Positioning of the baby is critical, having the baby in the proper position reduces the potential difficulties or pregnancy such as, dystocia.

Everyday, more and more pregnant woman are visiting the chiropractor to help with their pregnancy. We often suggest that you do plenty of research prior to choosing a Chiropractor. Consult with your primary care physician prior to receiving chiropractic care.  Often times your primary care physician will know some local chiropractors that can help during your pregnancy. Sometimes there are sites that have done quite a bit of research in your area. They often research the available Chiropractors in your area for the best possible chiropractor. For example: Top Pregnancy Chiropractors in Lansing, Mi this should help sort out the field, now look for Chiropractors that are ICPA or Webster Certified.

Yoga Equals Back Pain Relief

9634145 - backs of young sporty girl and guy doing physical exercise in gym

It is currently a fact that yoga is becoming a great solution to back pain. Yoga usually emphasizes flexibility, stretching and strength which normally relieve back soreness. According to Journal Archives of Internal Medicine, people who took yoga are likely to cut back on pain medications twice for their back aches. Yoga is not appropriate for people who have severe pain, chronic aches and occasional soreness. However, it may help them achieve certain postures that can assist in lengthening their spine and strength or strengthen their muscles. It also helps return the back to its proper alignment. Here are the seven types of yoga or stretches that help relief back pain.

Downward facing dog pose

This is one of the most well know type of stretch especially in the West. It is a standing pose and mild-inversion that builds strength while at the same time stretching the whole body. It has a lot of benefits such as rejuvenating the whole body. It also relieves headaches, insomnia, mid depression and fatigue. It is a great solution to back pain if practice regularly, improve digestion and help prevent osteoporosis

Cat and cow pose

This kind of stretch yoga involves moving the spine from a full rounded position to an arched one. It is a basic kind of movement which is enormously beneficial in relieving back pain and maintaining a healthy spine. Each movement should be done in conjunction with inhalation or exhalation. Before doing this type of yoga, ensure you check with your doctor if it is useful for your condition.

Triangle pose

This pose is known to strengthen the muscles especially in the hips, back and thighs. It is one such of a standing yoga pose that helps tone the legs, increases stability and reduces stress. It majorly helps lowers the lower back pain and improve digestion. It is not recommended if you have low blood pressure or having headaches and diarrhoea.

Pigeon pose

This type of pose is meant to stretch the groins, thighs and abdomen. It is usually felt deeply, particularly in the upper leg and hip muscles as well as the psoas, gluteus maximus and piriformis. They are several steps to be follow with this type of stretch. It is a strong hip-opener that enhances flexibility and the range of movement in the hip joints and is a powerful reliever of back pain.

Upward-facing dog pose

It is a simple kind of yoga which is designed to strengthen the legs and buttocks. It also strengthens arms, shoulders, wrists and torso. This pose is also known to stretch the back, shoulders and open up the abdominal cavity.

Upward forward bend

It is a type of stretch that holds a higher importance that other yoga poses because it strongly strengthens the abdomen and the back. It has a lot of benefits that include increased flexibility and getting rid of back pain.

Child’s pose yoga

It is usually a common beginners’ yoga pose. It is normally used as a resting position in between other type of poses during the yoga practice. When performed with head and torso supported, it becomes great reliever of back and neck pain.